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Welcome to the Indiana Pumpkin Growers!

Want to grow Atlantic Giant pumpkins this year?? We are here to help you.

Click on the Membership link above. Donate $20 to join and support the club.

Membership runs from January 1st until December 31st.

We will mail you plenty of great seeds to get started. April 15th is the date to start them germinating.

The trick is to keep the plant alive from April 15th through September 15th.

Generally that means keeping the bugs and fungus off the plant.


2018 Fall Weigh-Off’s


PDF link to Fair Oaks brochure with prize money. All times Central time


……Non GPC. Contest Rules $500 top prize Brochure front Brochure back

Roberts Farms Flyer – Front

Roberts Farms Flyer – Back


October 20th, 2018: Pennville Pumpkin festival-click here for information

This an open show. Previously weighed pumpkins are welcome. This is NOT a GPC weigh-off site.

South of Fort Wayne, between Hartford City and Portland Link to Jay County website and other information: click here


August 11, 2018 Indiana State Fair results:

Please click the picture above to view the entries.

“Cheesecake” weighed 1653.5 but had cracks to the inside, considered damaged. Phil brought it for exhibition only.

Long Gourd entries: Wayne O’Brien 8’5″ 1st, Jim Beal 6’10” 2nd, Don Beal 5’3″ 3rd

Tomato entries: Jim Beal 2.22 lbs, Wayne O’Brien 2.14 lbs, Richard Feigh 2.02 lbs, Kevin Arnold 1.96 lbs and Rebecca Feigh 1.84 lbs

Watermelon entries: Wayne O’Brien 116.5 lbs, Gary Gunther 152.5 lbs, Don Beal 62 lbs and Jim Beal 53 lbs


You can always send a $20 check for your dues to:
Paypal accepted at: payments@ipga.us
(If you’re feeling generous, add $1 to your purchase to help cover our PayPal costs – 30 cents + 3% per transaction)

Kelly Klinker-IPGA Secretary
5219 North Sampson Road
Woodburn, IN 46797
United States


Fair Oaks 10-07-2017

Official results from Fair Oaks 10-07-2017 click here

Phil Groenewold, from Dyer, IN won with 1,666 pounds


Please click the picture below to view the entries.


Wasson Nursery 2017:

Kelly Klinker’s son Kenny – Voted cutest little pumpkin! Wasson Nursery 2017

Official results from Wasson Nursery in Fishers, IN: click here

Mikkal Hodge 1,266.5 at Wasson Nursery, Fishers Indiana

Mikkal Hodge 1,266.5 at Wasson Nursery, Fishers Indiana


2017 Indiana State Fair results 08-12-2017

Official results from Indiana State Fair 2017: click here


How to move and inspect a large pumpkin
(video from the 2017 Indiana State Fair)


Dick Wolfsie of WISH-TV interviews Lee Saberson about Pumpkin Carving at the 2016 Indiana State Fair



Just looking for seeds??? $20 per year to join our club.

We’ll send you great seeds to get you started.

(Example of seeds received with membership)


Great Pumpkin Commonwealth – governing body for giant pumpkins

2017 Insect and disease control program and club bulk orders

Click here: (We’ll help you keep your plants alive!)

All Time Top Ten Giant Pumpkin list

(maintained by IPGA 09/21/2017 updated)


Indiana record pumpkin – 1739 lbs Mark Goodman from Marion, IN

Indiana Top-Ten Giant Pumpkins list

Fair Oaks Weigh-off 2016

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Miscellaneous pictures from past weigh-offs

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World Record Atlantic Giant pumpkin: 2,624.6 lbs

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