1. Big
  2. Great Pumpkin Commonwealth
  3. Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association
  4. Team-Pumpkin – Connecticut
  5. Pennsylvania Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association
  6. New Hampshire Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association
  7. Illinois Giant Pumpkin Grower’s Association
  8. Atlantic Giant Genetics Cooperative
  9. Maine Pumpkin Grower’s Association
  10. Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario
  11. New York State’s Giant Pumpkin Growers Association
  12. Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers
  13. Holland’s Land O’ Giants
  14. Gus “Squashcarver” Smithhisler
  15. Ed Moody’s Pumpkin Carvings
  16. Extreme Pumpkins pumpkin carving
  17. Worldwide Giant Growers – Mark Clementz
  18. WOW Wallace Organic Wonder
  19. Western Labs Atlantic Giant Pumpkins soil testing
  20. A&L Great Lakes Laboratories – Fort Wayne, IN soil testing
  21. Do my own pest control – Pesticides at professional strength in smaller quantities, perfect for a few Atlantic Giant plants.
  22. Microbe Organics – Detailed information about compost tea and micro organisms in your soil.
  23. Hollands Giant Pumpkins -Mycorrhizae soil inoculant
  24. Pests, diseases and other problems: sub-forum of    One of the best discussions on controlling pests and diseases in Atlantic Giant plants.


Soil amendment estimator by Bryan Langley (Excel format)

GPC 2017 OTT Giant Pumpkin weight estimation chart

How to measure and estimate the weight of your Giant Pumpkin by Bart Toftness

Giant Pumpkin Soil Level

Spring Meeting Presentation 2011 Powerpoint presentation

Spring Meeting Presentation 2010 Powerpoint presentation