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Membership: $20.00 Per year

( $25 to receive all correspondence by regular mail.)


 Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st

1. Two Newsletters per year

2. Free Giant Pumpkin Seeds

3. Free Entry Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-offs.

4. Free admittance to Annual IPGA Giant Pumpkin Growers Seminar.

    This includes the right to vote and hold an office with the IPGA.

5. Free admittance to the Annual IPGA Summer Tour

6. Free E-mail Correspondence


Make payment to the IPGA and mail dues to address below or sign up

via paypal (payment to Please include your

email address!

Kelly Klinker

1728 Bertha St.

Woodburn, IN 46797

United States

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