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The goal of this page is to help out new growers get started in growing giant pumpkins and to help experienced growers help out each other in the quest for Indiana to become a leader in giant pumpkin growing. To reach this goal we must all band together and try to help each other strive to grow bigger pumpkins. If you look around at the premier pumpkin growing states you will see that in these area the growers for the most part are a very close group and they visit each others patches and give each other advice on how to grow bigger pumpkins. Just having growers visit each others patches will help us all in keeping our patches well maintained and disease free. If we know someone might be stopping by we sure don't want our patches to look bad. I realize a lot of use are pretty far apart from each other so it will make it harder to visit than lets say the Rhode Island growers, but we can still visit some one close if not then lets just keep in touch by phone, email , or the chat room on the IPGA website. Most of us are glad to help each other out, answer question, and share new ideas that had worked for them. By lending a helping hand to each other will most certainly increase the competition which in turn will make us all turn it up a notch.  We have come along way the last few years, but we have a very long way to go. If you go to someone's patch don't be afraid to make suggestions. If they have to many weeds tell them so. This kind of constructive criticism will make us all better. Lets go Indiana lets kick some butt in 2012. 

To help all of us get started in this quest I am going to list IPGA members names, city, email addresses, phone numbers and years growing and their personal best. But I will only list members personal information that have given me the ok to do so. If you would like your information listed please send me an email by Clicking here. In your email please include any information you would like posted. If you want to be on the list the only requirement is to be a member of IPGA, help fellow growers when asked,  and supply free seeds to new growers.  Hopefully most of our members will list their information so we can all share ideas and information. Don't be shy and don't be a stranger lets help each other out and increase our weights and rankings in The All Time Top Ten.  We are currently ranked 28th which is average. The goal has to be the TOP.  It is not impossible and the goal I believe is within reach. Rhode Island was not even on the list last year and look where the are now.  I don't want to overlook what some have accomplished over the last few years. A few growers have made great strides in raising the weights in Indiana but we need a lot of growers instead of few doing the same thing. All new growers that want to get started in giant pumpkin growing please fell free to contact any of the growers on the list and they will be glad to help you. We hope that you will join the IPGA if you want to become a pumpkin grower, but it is not a requirement to use this list. Any of the growers will be glad to supply you with free seeds to get started.  I am sure after one year of growing you will be hooked and will be glad to support the IPGA. For membership info please click here

Member Information

Member name

Personal Best

Years Growing

Street Address


Email Address

Home Phone Number

Best Time To call

Handle On



Kelly Klinker





1728 Bertha St

Woodburn, IN





Kelly Klinker


Roger Howard




6450 E 200 N.

Grovertown, IN




Roger H

Tom Beachy



16739 Darling Rd.

Woodburn, IN



Email is best contact

if by phone call at night

Tom B

Mark Seest



9340 W. 800 North

Lafayette, IN


765-296-4010 home

765-714-8937 cell




Mikkal Hodge




11927 N.250 E.


Morristown, IN  




    Getting There (Mikkal)

 Don Stuck II






  New Plaestine, IN








Michael Stevenson





6766 So. 650 E


  Fort Branch, IN





 Email is Best

Call any Time



Beth Hall




3910 E. SR 54

Sullivan, IN


Grows Giant Watermelons Too.



Antime Leave message

Try try again Girl

Mike Kornafel






538 W.

700 S.   

Hebron, IN






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